The Benefits Of Laser Cutting

By choosing laser cutting there a quite a few benefits and little drawbacks.

There are many benifits of using laser cutting over other types of profiling techniques.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

There are many benefits of using laser cutting over other types of profiling cutting techniques for parts production and general fabrication.

● Can cut a very wide variety of cutting different types of materials with varying thicknesses
● Cuts narrow kerf widths, which helps with nesting parts on the material sheets
● Relativley fast compared to cuts parts by hand
● Accurately reproduce parts to sub-millimeter precision
● Very reliable and efficient when setup properly
● Efficiently process multiple jobs and parts can be nested and cut in a single program
● Most materials do not require a secondary clean up process for dross

Drawbacks of Laser Cutting

There are some disadvantages to laser cutting but the benifits far outweigh the downsides.

● Can be expensive compared to other like processes like cnc plasma or waterjet cutting
● Rate of production depends on the material – F2O utilizes high wattage lasers to keep cutting speeds high, even for thicker materials
● Incorrect machine setup cna produce burning, discoloration and tapered cuts
● Very difficult to cut reflective metals like copper, brass, and sometimes aluminum

We have over 20 years of combined CNC experience with laser cutting and can let us know if laser cutting is the right solution for you.